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My Angel

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review Sunday...
A friend gave me back a big pile of books that I had lent her. One that stuck out was "A Hunger Like No Other" by Kresley Cole. The first full length in the IAD (Immortals After Dark Series) after the novella Playing Easy To Get. I loved Emma and Lochlain is yummy with that accent and the big Were-body.
For any Vampire lover out there, this series is a MUST. I started into this series with Conrad Wroth's book, but quickly ran to the used book store to get this book. Hunger Like no Other is fun, fast paced and filled with the Lore characters and their histories. It is a good introduction into the work Kresley has created.
While Kiss of the Demon King was my favorite of all the books so far, this first book holds a special place for me. I love the Val-Hall girls and all their different powers and especially their viscous aggressive nature. Emma, the meek, the mild and the timid progresses throughout the book to be proud, tough and "the killer of kings".
Briefly, the love story is believable and you want to cheer for Lochlain, but also want to have him respect Emma and treat her right. The hardest part about being a mate for Emma is the fact that she was never expecting to find someone. No one could ever get past her aunts...then the Laykae, and not just any but their king that has been tortured by vampires for 150 years. While everyone comes to terms with her they are and who the will become...action, fights and some good old fashion cat fights erupt.
What I love about this book and the others in the series is that you get as many unanswered questions and sub-plot love stories as you get answers and HEA. Overall, KC is one of my favorite authors and her duella Deep Kiss of Winter with Gena was a great Christmas present to me this past year.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Darkest Passion: A Review (Spoiler Alert for all of you that don't want a little spoiling...)
Aeron was one of my favorites. Why, the same reason as Olivia-his tattoos at first, but then it is his deep love for his friends and his affection for Legion. The book starts out at least explaining why Aeron was being "dogged" by a being. He should never have been able to sense her, but both he and Legion knew she around. The feeling was "creepy".

Enter Olivia with a big decision: Kill Aeron the man/demon she has grown to care for and lust after or fall from Heaven. And fall she does, straight to hell to lose everything. Well, not quite, she still has her chance at Aeron. Or she will, once she claws her way out of hell.
Fallen, wingless and racked with pain, Olivia survives and manages to make her way to Aeron...Fast Forward 200+ pages of should I have her/should I not with hunters battles in between...and enter Legion again.

This is where it gets really good. Chick fights, bitch slapping and some good old fashion seduction. And the wait is worth it...great chemistry between Aeron and Olivia and even better chemistry between Olivia and Legion (evil laugh). The reader gets the HEA in the end we want but did not expect. Legion who is reminiscent The Simi, will likely play an interesting and important role in future books...

One thing this book really did for me was get me excited for Lies' book. I wasn't looking forward to reading the backwards talk and yet the big glimpses we had of him in this book were really thought-watering. Also, Paris and his HEA may be more possible and can't wait to read more of him...only wish he did more oil wrestling!

Overall, not as good as Reyes' book (but what could be as it is my favorite), but a good read in the series. <3<3<3

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Author Goddess: Sherrilyn Kenyon (AG/SLK) with Dianna Love

Silent Truth is part of the BAD series (Bureau of American Defense). The characters are generally gritty, but emotional. Each has their own reasons for joining, whether by choice or necessity.
We have met Hunter in several other stories, but now we get to know the real reason(s) for his aloof behavior and snobby appearance. While the new reader to the series can enjoy the book, it is quite funny knowing the back stories (remember Hunter's car getting blown up or his stock portfolio being manipulated).
The truth is that I and likely many of you BAD readers didn't like Hunter a whole lot. At first he is hard to read, but when we learn of his childhood, his father and his lack of a mother, we are drawn into his side of the story. While his HEA, Abbie, is merely a pawn in the bigger Fratelli plans, Hunter knowingly goes into the fight. More like looking for a fight to avenge his only friend. Again, we learn about the Fratelli plans and plots and are more than ever concerned for the mole on the inside.

Although this book had (IMHO) a lack of bedroom scenes, the passion was not lacking in the slightest. The tension and interplay between Hunter and Abbie is great. Also, the side characters are witty and certainly add the fun factor to the book. While Bad Attitude was my favorite so far, this book picks up the Fratelli where Phantom in the Night left off. One thing I enjoy about the SLK/DL team is that each book can stand alone, but taken together they are so much more full. The series does not strictly follow a then b then c...There are side lines and bumps in the road.
The match up between Hunter and Abbie is not the lust fest of Marianne and Kyle (Born to be B.A.D, three novellas of BAD), but the relationship is real and built on a genuine love with give and take; Each willing to sacrifice and be sacrificed for the other... Overall, I enjoyed it. Given that I have all the Dark-Hunter, Dream-Hunter and Were-Hunter books as well as League and BAD, I do love me my AG.

That said, for those not into Paranormal (hard to believe but there are some out there not into fantasy/Para), but would like to enjoy a good series, I would recommend the BAD series. Start off with Born to be B.A.D and then move into the full lengths...Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Musings...

It was great to be able to sit down last night and read over several chapters from one of the books that I have been writing. Like a long lost friend, writing a book in your "spare" time is a challenging relationship at best. But I was inspired when I came across a blog (thanks to a link on JoJo's blog) with another aspiring author who put her first three chapters up...I will work on this goal: get at least the Prologue and Chapter 1 up of "The Good Girl". That's all that can go up and still stay within the R rating!
On another note, I think that Sundays should be for my reviews. I am at book 47 since January 2010 towards the 100 book goal for this year. So far my favorite reads have not been the books that I have waiting for so eagerly. Some great surprises in there for me and hopefully some great reads out there for you. I am working on figuring out my "Shelfari" as a widget for my blog and then you can all see what I have been reading...
This month I've read Lover Mine (JRW), Silent Truth (the AG, SLK), Rachel's Holiday and Anybody out There (Marion Keyes), Into the Dark (GS), the May Harli-Blazes, Sun Stroked and Bad Boys To Go... I think my first review should be the AG (Author Goddess, Sherilyn Kenyon). Her Dark Hunters have a very special place in my heart and the guys and broads from BAD are right up there with them. So tomorrow: Silent Truth, the previously unknown side of Hunter.
Have a great Saturday! Karia

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 1: First Blog

After reading and following blogs for so long, I felt I had to write my own...
Addicted to Brain Candy: Why the title, well in my real life I study much more heavy topics and at night I need the separation from reality mostly but also the HEA. I read a lot. And by a lot, I mean about 2-3 books a week along with the books that I have already read and am re-reading. Apparently the re-reading thing is a problem for many people. I updated my facebook status with Oscar Wilde's quote: If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

I re-read all my series books in preparation for the next installment. To that end, let me shamelessly advertise one of my favorite authors...Gena Showalter. Her Lords of the Underworld are in a word, fantastic. In more than a, gorgeous, tortured, sexy, viscous, protective, possessive, honest, immortal. Her newest book, Darkest Passion, I just picked up this morning on the way to work...Yeah, Happy May Long weekend for me. Into the Dark (three novellas) came out a few weeks ago and gives you a good glimpse at her work. The Atlantis novella is one I read online and now am soo excited to have in my collection.

So, if you haven't tried Gena and her men on for size yet (and her men are big and bold and fun to try), then go pick up a copy of one of Gena's books...more to come

Happy Friday!