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My Angel

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Darkest Passion: A Review (Spoiler Alert for all of you that don't want a little spoiling...)
Aeron was one of my favorites. Why, the same reason as Olivia-his tattoos at first, but then it is his deep love for his friends and his affection for Legion. The book starts out at least explaining why Aeron was being "dogged" by a being. He should never have been able to sense her, but both he and Legion knew she around. The feeling was "creepy".

Enter Olivia with a big decision: Kill Aeron the man/demon she has grown to care for and lust after or fall from Heaven. And fall she does, straight to hell to lose everything. Well, not quite, she still has her chance at Aeron. Or she will, once she claws her way out of hell.
Fallen, wingless and racked with pain, Olivia survives and manages to make her way to Aeron...Fast Forward 200+ pages of should I have her/should I not with hunters battles in between...and enter Legion again.

This is where it gets really good. Chick fights, bitch slapping and some good old fashion seduction. And the wait is worth it...great chemistry between Aeron and Olivia and even better chemistry between Olivia and Legion (evil laugh). The reader gets the HEA in the end we want but did not expect. Legion who is reminiscent The Simi, will likely play an interesting and important role in future books...

One thing this book really did for me was get me excited for Lies' book. I wasn't looking forward to reading the backwards talk and yet the big glimpses we had of him in this book were really thought-watering. Also, Paris and his HEA may be more possible and can't wait to read more of him...only wish he did more oil wrestling!

Overall, not as good as Reyes' book (but what could be as it is my favorite), but a good read in the series. <3<3<3

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