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My Angel

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Musings...

It was great to be able to sit down last night and read over several chapters from one of the books that I have been writing. Like a long lost friend, writing a book in your "spare" time is a challenging relationship at best. But I was inspired when I came across a blog (thanks to a link on JoJo's blog) with another aspiring author who put her first three chapters up...I will work on this goal: get at least the Prologue and Chapter 1 up of "The Good Girl". That's all that can go up and still stay within the R rating!
On another note, I think that Sundays should be for my reviews. I am at book 47 since January 2010 towards the 100 book goal for this year. So far my favorite reads have not been the books that I have waiting for so eagerly. Some great surprises in there for me and hopefully some great reads out there for you. I am working on figuring out my "Shelfari" as a widget for my blog and then you can all see what I have been reading...
This month I've read Lover Mine (JRW), Silent Truth (the AG, SLK), Rachel's Holiday and Anybody out There (Marion Keyes), Into the Dark (GS), the May Harli-Blazes, Sun Stroked and Bad Boys To Go... I think my first review should be the AG (Author Goddess, Sherilyn Kenyon). Her Dark Hunters have a very special place in my heart and the guys and broads from BAD are right up there with them. So tomorrow: Silent Truth, the previously unknown side of Hunter.
Have a great Saturday! Karia

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