My Angel

My Angel

Monday, July 5, 2010

I loved the first two books in this series! Really, Imogen was hilarious and the play with Ty was hawt! I also loved Elec and the Tamara's kids. He worked hard to be with her and to give her the confidence to be the woman she was inside. Now to see Ryder and Suzanne together...hopefully Ryder can make up for all the infidelity of his past "marriage" to Suzanne and make this time around the track better for both of them!

Flat Out Sexy was 9/10 and Hard and Fast was a 9.5/10! Looking forward to Hot Finish. I also would love to see Evan get real, so I can't wait for his book in 2001!

As for what I am reading....Review later. Susan Lyons (a fellow BC resident) and author of some serious hot books...Sex Drive which I just finished was fun and interesting from start to finish. I enjoyed the idea of Damien being an author...I want to read one of Damien Black's books...LOL
The intellectual side of our heroine is interesting, but not to the point that we think she is drab. She is misunderstood and longing to have someone love her for herself...Overall a 7/10.

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  1. This book is supposed to be out now, but I still can't buy it at Chapters or Coles...Ireally hate when Canada is so far behind in the book releases...