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My Angel

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nauti and Wild (Mild Spoilers so be warned...)

Just read Nauti Kisses in "Nauti and Wild" and I love these guys. I don't know how many more gorgeous, rich, ex-marines can move to this town, but I know that at this rate...a lot of women will be moving in. If my roots are showing, then too bad. I love a red-neck, a meaty muscle man and a guy that defends women. This novella was fun and fast. You enjoy the interplay, but I must say that I would have liked more of the quick banter and retort that Lora usually gives her gals.

Sierra is hurting in more ways than one and the only man that she has ever loved is the one man that she is sent to in order to heal and uncover her attacker. The side stories are also great in this one, I enjoyed learning more about the pest we love to hate (Timothy Cranston) and my favorite guy (Dawg) is in this one quite a bit. But it is Chaya that grills Sierra and the resulting conversation moves the book along. The plot points in a novella have to be quick, but not forced...this eavesdropping technique worked well.

My biggest criticism is the "drunk sex". Maybe it's just me, but I have never been so drunk that I didn't know who or what I was doing. The idea that John could think being with Sierra was a "wet dream" was laughable and yet played a heavy plot point. He names his boat the "Nauti Wet Dream" because he can't stop thinking about the dream with Sierra.
If anyone reading this book learns one thing: don't drink to excess, because you will miss all the good stuff when you do. I give this novella a 8/10.
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