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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Latest Reads....and Reviews

Let me start off by saying that I really and truly love the Paladins by Alexis Morgan. Some of the best Sci-Fi romance and bromance in those books. Her more recent books in the world of the Talions just doesn't have the same appeal, IMHO.
Why, first let me say that I enjoyed all three books so far, but I would not recommend this series to new reads. The plots are a bit slow there is a considerable amount of repetition. I am a smart woman, as are the other readers, we don't need to be constantly reminded of details, powers and skills. One mention is fine.
The first book was the best so far. I really enjoyed Sandor and the interplay between Sandor and Ranulf in their quest to "woo" Kerry is quite hilarious.
To quote another character (can you guess who and what movie?), "What you don't know about women is a lot." Both of these men grew in the first and second books. That was nice to be part of and share. However, I don't feel Grey did as much growing. I also had some issues with the motivations for all the characters. Piper is supposed to be this independent and resourceful person who took care of herself and her mother, but then in parts of the book is indecisive and weak. Can she really not understand that in a war there are warriors?
The one true and shining star of this book was Sean. I see and feel his motivation and his desire to learn and know about the Kyth. I see him as a real growth character and a chance to explore the Kyth traditions of training and becoming a warrior. Since Grey, Sandor and Ranulf are already trained and seasoned, we haven't seen this side of the process. We know of Ranulf's decent into madness and how Kerry saved him, but we don't see the training and dedication that brought him there. With Sean, I hope we see this and his struggle to pursue his dreams of being a Kyth warrior and find his HEA. 7/10

As an aside, I found 4 typos/grammar mistakes in this book and while I am certainly not perfect, I would hope that I had proof reading friends and editors that would pick these things up. I would love to get a job reading the galleys...How to get that job for books I would otherwise buy? Would save me a bundle...

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