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My Angel

Monday, August 23, 2010

Reviews: Just a Hint Clint

I love this series. Jamie was of course the elusive character throughout and then when we got his book-well, I loved it. But Just a Hint Clint takes place before Jamie and is a great book on it's own or as part of the series. The plot is fast and enjoyable and it is fun to see Clint fall in love (and fall hard against his better judgement).
The story opens with your "standard" girl and boy set up by the family only they don't love each other. The boy in this case has fallen for someone else...someone who is linked with the mob. Unfortunately, he accidentally double crosses the mob leader and brother of his lover. Then, when his old flame goes missing, he assumes it has to do with the mob double cross. Instead of hiring a legitimate investigator, he hires Clint. The why of Clint's reputation is given later in the book, but our first meeting is hawt and he commands a room. What is a romance book without a little "BroMance"? Nothing, so enter Clint's buddies. The three go on a rescue mission, collect Julie Rose and bring her home. But, oh, wait, no...can you keep her a while until we find those who planned the now onto the real story.
Julie Rose and Clint are a good match. She is smart, funny and a little edgy despite her very sheltered upbringing. Clint is the "bad boy" who is good at heart and falls hard for Julie Rose. In fact, I feel like he fell for her from her picture in the opening sequence of the book. One tough point for me was the continuous mentioning of her "plain features, non-descript appearance, flat hair... yada, yada". Well she couldn't have been that plain since she "stirred" Clint in less than 5 minutes. Love at first sight, yes, but love at first fondle??? Made me think that her photo held his interest, especially since he kept it with him throughout the book. Overall, a good read and even better with the series books. 8/10 Have a great read today!

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