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My Angel

Monday, June 28, 2010

Review and Comment

Well, I have read several of Christine Warren's books and none has come close to the first one that I read, "One Bite with a Stranger". I did enjoy "Your so Vein" only because Ava is such beeeyach but then you really get into her head and start to love her just like Dima and her girls.
I also had grown to really like Graham. He was such an alpha and so in charge. I loved that he didn't like humans, so you knew that he was going to hook up with one...Then there is Missy. I still am not sure if she has a bit of junk not just in the trunk or all over. She has major body image issues and self-esteem conflicts. Once she seems to take the leap of faith that any time with Graham is better than no time--they make some steam. But of course, she is always doubting him, his affection and his love.
That is something that prickles at my nerves. I mean seriously, just cause we aren't supermodels, why of why, do the women need to also be self deprecating. I want an average looking chick to say, "Ya, I'm the perfect me package and you want it, cause really, I'm not paying you to be here and you are still here."
I also read "Howl at the Moon" and enjoyed the science and the two women, their friendship and the love story between Sam and Noah. So, try one book on and then another...Sum-er series are like that. Some-are good and some-are slow... Enjoy (8/10)

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