My Angel

My Angel

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well, I had some high expectations from this book, especially since the lead authour was Lora Leigh. I was, however, let down. I enjoyed Lora's story and while the characters danced about each other somewhat (as is her style), the love interest was believable and you wanted them to be happy. The strange part is that this story is lead off from somewhere else and if you haven't read her other books you may wonder..what??why???whatever...still worth 8/10.

The other stories, well, let's just say that I would have rathered watched Ice Drivers with DH than read them (which is what I did). It took me over 2 days each short story to plow through. The worst story for me was by Lorie O'Clare, Love me 'til Death. I really loved Chase and I wanted so badly to even like Ashely. How would a woman get to be a homicide detective and not notice an identical bracelet worn by all three of her bodies. Then, why would you not follow up the lead on said bracelets, ASAP. I suspend belief, but I want my broads tough and smart. Then again, I love my women Smart and Trashy too...So far my June has not been stellar in the book department. Anxiously awaiting: Darkest Lie...

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