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My Angel

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whatcha Reading????

Warning: Books Discussed today are HOT (XXX)

Down in Texas...Is what I started last night...the men and women are great and the moves are hot...For those who love a Cowboy and a good plot this book is really quite good. The second book, Texas Men, I took a peak at in the store (not recommended to read in store...take directly home and read, preferably with your man available...LOL). Down in Texas has some great dialogue and a very believable set of circumstances that make the stories move along while being VERY hot. Texas Men really should come with a warning for those not into kink...
The third book is an anthology with one story by Delilah Devin-Hot Blooded.
I have read several books by Aphrodisia and by Brava (both Kensington) and while I generally prefer the Brava books since they have the heat plus some good story, Devin's book is a great blend.

Other Kensington books I would recommend to those into some heat would be The Firefighter, The HandyMan, The Mane Event, Men in Blue and UnWrap...Check them out for a rainy evening.
Enjoy your Tuesday!

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