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My Angel

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Reviews

Okay, Sunday was CRAZY busy with Ballet Recital for DD and then family dinner and of course getting the kids ready for school...On the good side, the waiting in between dance parts and pre-show was a great opportunity to squeezing in some reading in the sunshine (both in limited supply the last few weeks.

First the bummer: Hot Ticket (Anthology, see side photo). The issues I had with this book are start there was not nearly enough passion and fire for it to really be called "Hot". Second, some of the writing was disorienting and was as if the authors were having private conversations with themselves and the characters in the book. A technique that I personal do not like. The headlines story was fine (Same Rink Next Year). My personal favorite story line was the that of "You Can't Steal First" which takes place on a old fashion train. While the writing of this story was the hardest to track, I liked the train travel, the baseball references and the romance "all-a-board". Overall, I would rate this book as a 5/10, but some moments were as high as 7/10.
A surprisingly good read for my Saturday evening read was a Harlequin Blaze: the last in the "Smooth Operator" miniseries. The Sexy Devil was fun and held some similarities to the first in the series (The Charmer). The assumptions are quite amusing and Kate Hoffmann seems to play hard on those assumptions. While I don't mind people being motivated to just want to have sex with each other for no other reason than that they want to...Hoffmann plays on the old school acquaintances theme and the fact that the lead is so beautiful now that she turns his head. The moment, seemed to have happened for them several times and now the professional baseball player and the hopeless romantic (who was incidentally trying to write the How not to Date Manual: Smooth Operators and how to avoid them). The book was fun and sexy and the lovin' was very good...8/10.
The theme for this week seems to be baseball! Did you ever meet a baseball player? Or maybe had a stolen moment with one? Hmmm, the boys of summer...

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