My Angel

My Angel

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MyKenyon...Just got the email in my inbox this morning. The expectation is to find your favorite Kenyon book passage and read it on a video and then post. Well, I went straight to Xypher and Simone's book...Go forward, not in anger or love. But with purpose...The mantra for the S. Demons. Best line ever. Well, not quite true since Ash has sooooo many great lines in every single book. The best scene has to be Tori throwing the hammer at Ash or Zarek torturing his brother...I could go on but won't. Check it out if you are a Kenyon fan.

Onto other matters, McKenna. Love her...Kevin's story is hard to get into since you know he has this loving set for brothers devastated over his loss and yet his life without them has sucked. Thank goodness it picks up...Check out Fade to Midnight, Shannon McKenna. I re-read her shorts about the MacNamara's (Yummy that Jon A and Robin MacNamara cabin novella). For those looking to check out her work, try with her Bad Boy contributions.

Again, to other authors. One that doesn't get nearly enough play is Alexis Morgan. Her Paladians are fantastic, unique and full of action, sex and interplay between reoccurring characters. The alternate world beyond the barrier is intriguing and believable. Her latest installment with Hunter (survivor of a massive "Other" attack) is a prime example. Also enjoyable were the Talion books by Morgan. I love that they take place in Seattle and the surrounding area as I am very familiar with the setting.

Happy Hump Day, Karia

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