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My Angel

Monday, June 28, 2010

Review and Comment

Well, I have read several of Christine Warren's books and none has come close to the first one that I read, "One Bite with a Stranger". I did enjoy "Your so Vein" only because Ava is such beeeyach but then you really get into her head and start to love her just like Dima and her girls.
I also had grown to really like Graham. He was such an alpha and so in charge. I loved that he didn't like humans, so you knew that he was going to hook up with one...Then there is Missy. I still am not sure if she has a bit of junk not just in the trunk or all over. She has major body image issues and self-esteem conflicts. Once she seems to take the leap of faith that any time with Graham is better than no time--they make some steam. But of course, she is always doubting him, his affection and his love.
That is something that prickles at my nerves. I mean seriously, just cause we aren't supermodels, why of why, do the women need to also be self deprecating. I want an average looking chick to say, "Ya, I'm the perfect me package and you want it, cause really, I'm not paying you to be here and you are still here."
I also read "Howl at the Moon" and enjoyed the science and the two women, their friendship and the love story between Sam and Noah. So, try one book on and then another...Sum-er series are like that. Some-are good and some-are slow... Enjoy (8/10)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well, I had some high expectations from this book, especially since the lead authour was Lora Leigh. I was, however, let down. I enjoyed Lora's story and while the characters danced about each other somewhat (as is her style), the love interest was believable and you wanted them to be happy. The strange part is that this story is lead off from somewhere else and if you haven't read her other books you may wonder..what??why???whatever...still worth 8/10.

The other stories, well, let's just say that I would have rathered watched Ice Drivers with DH than read them (which is what I did). It took me over 2 days each short story to plow through. The worst story for me was by Lorie O'Clare, Love me 'til Death. I really loved Chase and I wanted so badly to even like Ashely. How would a woman get to be a homicide detective and not notice an identical bracelet worn by all three of her bodies. Then, why would you not follow up the lead on said bracelets, ASAP. I suspend belief, but I want my broads tough and smart. Then again, I love my women Smart and Trashy too...So far my June has not been stellar in the book department. Anxiously awaiting: Darkest Lie...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Just a short blog to wish JoJo a Happy 30th Birthday!!! Check out her blog for fun stuff!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whatcha Reading????

Warning: Books Discussed today are HOT (XXX)

Down in Texas...Is what I started last night...the men and women are great and the moves are hot...For those who love a Cowboy and a good plot this book is really quite good. The second book, Texas Men, I took a peak at in the store (not recommended to read in store...take directly home and read, preferably with your man available...LOL). Down in Texas has some great dialogue and a very believable set of circumstances that make the stories move along while being VERY hot. Texas Men really should come with a warning for those not into kink...
The third book is an anthology with one story by Delilah Devin-Hot Blooded.
I have read several books by Aphrodisia and by Brava (both Kensington) and while I generally prefer the Brava books since they have the heat plus some good story, Devin's book is a great blend.

Other Kensington books I would recommend to those into some heat would be The Firefighter, The HandyMan, The Mane Event, Men in Blue and UnWrap...Check them out for a rainy evening.
Enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Reviews

Okay, Sunday was CRAZY busy with Ballet Recital for DD and then family dinner and of course getting the kids ready for school...On the good side, the waiting in between dance parts and pre-show was a great opportunity to squeezing in some reading in the sunshine (both in limited supply the last few weeks.

First the bummer: Hot Ticket (Anthology, see side photo). The issues I had with this book are start there was not nearly enough passion and fire for it to really be called "Hot". Second, some of the writing was disorienting and was as if the authors were having private conversations with themselves and the characters in the book. A technique that I personal do not like. The headlines story was fine (Same Rink Next Year). My personal favorite story line was the that of "You Can't Steal First" which takes place on a old fashion train. While the writing of this story was the hardest to track, I liked the train travel, the baseball references and the romance "all-a-board". Overall, I would rate this book as a 5/10, but some moments were as high as 7/10.
A surprisingly good read for my Saturday evening read was a Harlequin Blaze: the last in the "Smooth Operator" miniseries. The Sexy Devil was fun and held some similarities to the first in the series (The Charmer). The assumptions are quite amusing and Kate Hoffmann seems to play hard on those assumptions. While I don't mind people being motivated to just want to have sex with each other for no other reason than that they want to...Hoffmann plays on the old school acquaintances theme and the fact that the lead is so beautiful now that she turns his head. The moment, seemed to have happened for them several times and now the professional baseball player and the hopeless romantic (who was incidentally trying to write the How not to Date Manual: Smooth Operators and how to avoid them). The book was fun and sexy and the lovin' was very good...8/10.
The theme for this week seems to be baseball! Did you ever meet a baseball player? Or maybe had a stolen moment with one? Hmmm, the boys of summer...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Madness...Mad for Men that is...


I seem to have something on my mind and it isn't work...Sunday, True Blood--need say more?

I didn't think so. In preparation, my computer is up and ready to rewatch all of season 2. Hope your Friday is fun and check out Gena Showalter's blog to post your good news...Happy weekend and Sunday Review will likely profile a few Harlequin Blaze novels...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is on my bed side table...

I just finished Fade to Midnight...While Sean was my favorite of the Shannon McKenna McCloud series, I had high hopes for his twin brother Kevin. I was however disappointed with the lack of family Bro-love. It was more of a "oh, ya, my brother I haven't seen in 18 years. Super, now stop getting shot at long enough so I can yell at you and ask you where the ---- you've been all these years."

I am hoping that this resolution comes about in Bruno's book, cause you know that the brother will be adopted by the McClouds, just like Rosa has inserted herself as grandma. The highlight for me was of course the all too brief Tam appearances. The idea that Val was staying behind to protect the women and children was also laughable.

Onto other books, I have been too busy to pick up Red Demon so I read a cute Harli-Blaze about the "Sons of Chance". A good read and I find myself looking forward to the brothers Gabe and Jack in July and August. Rarely do I follow the Blaze series unless by chance purchases in the grocery store. But these books make great economical fill ins when I am in between books. Walmart has them 30% all the time and often with buy 3 get 1 free.

Other books on the list is another Marion Keyes (Lucy Sullivan Gets Married). While I loved Sushi for Beginners, This Charming Man and Watermelon, the last two I read have left me with a rather gaping whole in heart. "Anybody Out There" was so touching and heartbreaking and yet there was not HEA yet...Hopefully in Helen's book this will be resolved. Rachel's Holiday was also a huge cry for me, but she got her man and we saw this relationship play heavily in Anybody Out There.

Still on my to finish list is "The Friday Night Knitting Club". I keep wanting to get into it and then for some reason I don't. I think this one is a beach read...will save for warmer weather. The Mortal Instruments series (City of Bones, Ashes, Glass) were well received by my son and niece so I feel I should read these too, just to check them out...After all, I discovered Twilight from a sweet girl at the bookstore back in 2006. Other ideas for books always welcome.

I plan to read the books in the Sizzling Summer Reads with Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books...these will also be included in my 100 books of 2010...Happy Reading.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Red Demon...Deirdre Knight's Latest

I really loved the first two: Ajax and River were such a great team and to see them with their Spartan brothers was a great new twist on the ParaRo. I personally enjoyed their humour and their interplay with each other.

This newest book (Book #3) in the series is about Ari (Aristos) and the love he thought he lost...hmmm sounds good already.

Check it out!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MyKenyon...Just got the email in my inbox this morning. The expectation is to find your favorite Kenyon book passage and read it on a video and then post. Well, I went straight to Xypher and Simone's book...Go forward, not in anger or love. But with purpose...The mantra for the S. Demons. Best line ever. Well, not quite true since Ash has sooooo many great lines in every single book. The best scene has to be Tori throwing the hammer at Ash or Zarek torturing his brother...I could go on but won't. Check it out if you are a Kenyon fan.

Onto other matters, McKenna. Love her...Kevin's story is hard to get into since you know he has this loving set for brothers devastated over his loss and yet his life without them has sucked. Thank goodness it picks up...Check out Fade to Midnight, Shannon McKenna. I re-read her shorts about the MacNamara's (Yummy that Jon A and Robin MacNamara cabin novella). For those looking to check out her work, try with her Bad Boy contributions.

Again, to other authors. One that doesn't get nearly enough play is Alexis Morgan. Her Paladians are fantastic, unique and full of action, sex and interplay between reoccurring characters. The alternate world beyond the barrier is intriguing and believable. Her latest installment with Hunter (survivor of a massive "Other" attack) is a prime example. Also enjoyable were the Talion books by Morgan. I love that they take place in Seattle and the surrounding area as I am very familiar with the setting.

Happy Hump Day, Karia